Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cat Camouflage, by Emma X
Emma X,
Founder of the MCR

It may appear that the emphasis of the MCR is on the typical American house cat, but you should know that our feral brothers and sisters are deeply committed to the Revolution as well.  If anyone know the value of freedom it is our wild brothers.  Thanks to the efforts of indoor-outdoor domestics, copies of the Maine Coon Revolution Newsletter have reached the cats in the field, and their response has been a fisted paw up!

Some of our best
operatives have
risked exposure to
show you how it
is done.
The trick is knowing
your coloring and
blending in with
the right surroundings
The feral community is perfectly situated for conducting intelligence and reconnaissance missions.  Highly effective at hiding in any outdoor environment, these newly committed revolutionaries have taken the concept one step further.  By adding camouflage techniques to already finely-honed stealth skills, they plan to get closer to humans, and therefore closer to anti-revolutionary intelligence.
With access to
paint and make-up
there are no limits.
The boys at the
Pentagon aren't
going to see this
one coming!

"Humans are actually pretty stupid," says one chief operative who must remain nameless, for obvious reasons.  "They don't seem to notice activities below knee level.  Bright colors confuse and distract them.  We are enjoying great success.  We are already monitoring government offices in National Parks and some post offices.  If all goes well, we will have infiltrated the Pentagon by spring.  And, there are tastier left-overs in government garbage cans as well.  Its win-win however you look at it," says our source.

For those of you who are excited by a possible career in intelligence we offer some beginners products.  Try sneaking up on your humans when they are outdoors and listen to what they are talking about.  Always be careful and be prepared with a cover story.

The MCR Offical Camo
spying hats, in basic brown
and green to match your
backyard terrain.
SPECIAL!  Get both for
$29.99 while supplies last.
Camo T-Shirt for short hairs, $19.99

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