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Mission Re-Accomplished
By Emma X

Emma X
Any defense of George Bush
gets My Pet Goat.

When George W. Bush ended his term in office, he quietly went away.  That was the appropriate thing to do.  His fellow conservatives spent some time trying to defend his Administration, then decided to just not mention him again.  This was also expedient, considering the state of the State.  But unfortunately, there is a modern tradition of providing every former President with a Presidential Library.  So where the agreed approach to the Bush legacy was to defend, then remain silent, the dedication of the Bush Library necessitates the reverse.  Mr. Bush has been obliged come out of relative silence to defend his Administration’s policies.

The George W. Bush Presidential Library
at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.
A 'nucular' depository of revisionist political horse crap.
The Library dedication creates an uncomfortable feeling for liberals, who opted to not swallow the memory loss Kool-Aid, and who have waited long frustrating years to see some comeuppance for the considerable damage done during the Bush Era.  The George W. Bush Presidential Library offers no relief.  It creates a conservative fantasy of the Bush Administration suggesting that poor George did absolutely the best he could under unusually stressful circumstances.  Visitors can play the Decision Points Game, which forces the player to view limited data and then come to the same decisions that Mr. Bush himself made.  If the player does not arrive at the same decision, a video of George himself pops up and explains why the player is wrong.  It is revisionist and offensive, and in keeping with Neo-Con tradition, dishonest.

Mr. Bush's personal notes for his speech defending
FEMA following the Hurricane Katrina response.  Most
people felt he left storm victims high and dry.

But the facts do exist, they are just not on display.  The MCR Newsletter has exclusive access to archival material in the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Thanks to the support of sympathetic felines (Mittens, we owe you one) we are able to show you some Bush Era documents that you will not see exhibited any time soon.

The former President's hand written notes
from his discussions on the use of torture.  The Bush
Administration sought to redefine prisoner interrogation
 techniques in defiance of the Geneva Convention.  Bush
appointed 150 graduates of Pat Robertson's Regents
University to legal staff positions.  They helped determine
that water boarding was not torture, and that it was AOK
with Jesus.  At the time, Regents University was not a fully
accredited law school.

Mr. Bush has said that history will be his judge.  Millions of people world-wide who still live daily with the negative impact of his decisions believe the jury is already in.  This time around you be The Decider!

An early entry from President Bush's daily diary.
Halliburton made $39.5 billion on the Iraq war alone
in no bid contracts.  Stocks owned by the President
and Vice President were managed in trust until they
left office.

Hands on diplomacy.  By his own admission, George
Bush was a 'hands off' administrator, preferring to delegate.  That
was not the case with Foreign Affairs.  Bush's public massaging of
Angela Merkel was the most bizarre thing done in the diplomatic

arena since his father blew chunks on the Japanese Prime Minister
 at a state dinner in 1992.

Bush Financial Policy.  George
Bush lowered taxes, spent money like a
drunken sailor, and conducted two wars
off-budget.  Neo-Conservatives still applaud
his fiscal philosophy, blaming President Obama
for the current state of U.S. finances.  They
also blame his dog Bo when they fart.

The Presidential Appointment Process.
George Bush was both The Decider and The Delegator.  He
asked Dick Cheney to head a committee to discover a Vice
Presidential nominee.  He asked Harriet Mier to head a
committee to discover a Supreme Court Justice nominee.
Both recommended themselves for the job.  Decision
accomplished!  Even the Republicans experienced sudden
compulsive laughter at the Mier nomination.  Unfortunately
no one could laugh about Dick Cheney.

Which was the biggest human tragedy for innocents,
Iraq, whose government was removed, or New Orleans,

whose government didn't show up?  Not every question
 made it to the Decision Points Game.

Not on display, but hidden from view.
As a wartime President, George Bush was
in personal danger at all times.  The terrorist
pretzel that attacked him at Camp David is still
being held at Guantanamo Bay without legal
 representation.  Relatives fear for its safety during
the current inmate hunger strike.
At its lowest point, the Bush Presidency
experienced the worst approval ratings in
history, 19%.  Conservatives will not admit that
his negative performance may have been a key
factor in the election of Barack Obama.
They still think Neo-Con policies will work in
the hands of somebody a little smarter than
George.  Or John.  Or Mitt.  If at first you
don't succeed...

"What's good for General Bullmoose is good for the USA".
The Project for the New American Century was a non-profit conservative think tank
begun in 1996 to consider America's leadership role heading into the 21st Century.
They determined that America needed a new policy of military strenghth and moral
clarity.  They pushed for a regime change in Iraq during the Clinton Administration.
When malleable George Bush came into office they had their opportunity.  Everyone
in the group was given a position of power or high influence during the Bush
Presidency.  By 2006 the group was defunct.

The Project for the Last American Century.
Military strength and moral clarity.  "Lest We Forget".

Editor’s Note:  I am sorry that there was not enough time or space to include mention of other notable Bush Era activities, including the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ fiasco (featuring lying at the U.N.),  the missing $9 billion dollars in Iraq, the outing of Valerie Plame, the Blackwater scandal, the Dick Cheney/Halliburton over payment scandal, and a myriad of other dark deeds that won’t be on prominent display at the George W. Bush Presidential Library.  Mr. Bush also logged more vacation time than any other sitting President, but I’m thinking maybe that was a positive thing. –X.  

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