Saturday, May 18, 2013

Political Playground
By Nebu Ganesh

Nebu Ganesh, PhD.
In Michigan politics, personal integrity is 
 clearly not required.
A valiant attempt was made, but we are back to the old school Republican playbook.  Reince Priebus wasted his money, and the seeds of Neo-rationalism fell on fallow ground.  We are back to believing that conservative financial policies will work if you don't look behind the curtain, gay marriage is a no go, poor people are still lazy welfare queens, and the old farts spouting racial epithets are refusing to take any medication for their political Tourette's.  Anything proposed to solve the illegal immigration problem is appeasement and amnesty.  So what now?  If you can't stay socially current with your own electorate, its time to get creative.

Jesus will understand.  We'll get right back to
the Judeo-Christian values thing once we have
complete control.
The yeoman's work on political creativity is going on at the state and local level. Conservatives are having to think outside the ballot box in order to win over the voting populace.  And when career politicians are up against the wall, they can sink to a low level of moral turpitude. If obstructionism doesn't work, why not try theft?

What's next, swirlies?
It's our self respect that's going down the

In Michigan, never say die Republicans have taken to copying Democratic legislation word for word, and then supporting their version of the bill.  Not every idea the opposition has is a bad one, but in this Tea Party era bi-partisan cooperation is tantamount to political castration. Conservative state representatives are therefore forced to steal a good idea and claim it as their own. Everything else in current politics operates at a third grade level, so why not just copy your neighbors homework?  The kinky part is standing up in public to claim it as your own.  Now folks, that's innovative. Republican Jim Stamas gets a big red star for that one.

"I know you are, but what am I?"
Bully, plagiarist and all around fat f**k Jim Stamas 
believes in Machiavellianism, but has to cheat off of his
neighbor's paper to know how to spell it.

Freshman Democrat and Marine Corp veteran David Knezek from Dearborn Heights submitted bill HJR L on February 28th of this year in the Michigan House.  Its purpose was to give returning veterans resident status for college tuition.  Everyone loved the idea; so much so that Republican Representative Jim Stamas from Midland decided to plagiarize it.  He told Knezek to pull his bill because he was taking it. And sure enough, one week later House Joint Resolution N was introduced by Stamas.  He didn't even bother to change anything.  HJR N was identical word-for-word to Knezek's bill.

Two-time Iraq War veteran David Knezek
is an advocate for veteran rights.  After Stamas ripped
off his homework, he graciously said he was happy to
see the bill passed, even if it wasn't his.  What a sissy.

I'm not sure how low politicians will go to win, but it seems 2014 elections will reveal the answer.  Old school baby-kissers are reaching farther down into the bag of dirty political tricks than they have since the post Civil War era.  It's hard to know what embarrassingly low and crap-encrusted thing they may come up with next.  I will just send out a warning to the good people of Michigan; don't carry your lunch money out to the playground.  Your elected officials are also looking at fundraising schemes.

Girls Got Cooties.
Yes, that's right.  This is the same Michigan
legislature that voted to exclude Representative
Lisa Brown from speaking in future debates
'indefinitely' for using the word vagina in a
discussion about abortion.  Third grade standards
of behavior are de reiguer in Michigan politics.
"So's yer old man!"
Republicans in the trenches have a different Growth
 and Opportunity Project in mind.  Stand back Preibus.
 Let real men like Jim Stamas show you how to work
the playground.

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