Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Shame Is In Losing
by Emma X

Emma X,
 Both Strong And Truthful
It is a beautiful October day.  The temperature is mild, the sky is a vivid blue and the leaves are starting to turn a delicate shade of gold.  But I am keeping the windows closed to try to block out the the liberal weeping and wailing that is audible all down the east coast of America following Wednesday's presidential debate.  "How could Obama fail so horribly?" they moan.  "How could such an intelligent man show so poorly when it mattered so much?"
Sackcloth and Ashes.
Obama's poor debate showing
has confused liberals fearing the
 incomprehensible  possibility
of a Republican administration.

Well he is human, and human failings don't shock me.  But it did seem odd that Obama remained passive in the face of what one might politely call bald-faced financial untruths. Investigative journalists, non-partisan watchdog groups and even some conservative pundits have spent months bringing to light errors in the Romney/Ryan financial plan (at least the parts they are willing to discuss) but Barack could not nail Mitt on any aspect of his financial outlook for America.  And it is mystifying that popular figures did not come in to play. A round number like '47%' might have made for interesting conversation.  But President Obama remained presidential, something that everyone says they are looking for in a candidate, but what is, psychologically speaking, not true.
America is looking for open combat.
In their subconscious mind
 humans prefer 
'primal' over primaries.


Psychologists and sociologists tell us that what people are really looking for are primal leadership qualities.  They want the strongest man to win, and watching a good head-butting rivalry is the best way for the undecided to get worked up about a candidate.  In a frightening and confusing world they look for macho strength and protection. Choice is made at a subliminal emotional level.  Laid back logic and gentleman-like behavior doesn't cut it.  If you think people do not vote emotionally, let me remind you that a defeated and shamed Germany elected Adolf Hitler (a majority of voters saw something positive in that campaign).  So come Thursday morning, an aggressive Romney was crowned winner over a bloodied Obama, despite months of political mendacity. Liberals who value substance and truth will have to continue rending their clothes, or find a way to cope.
It's curtains for Elmo if Romney is elected.
There is no discussion about the ethnic viewer
ship demographic of popular PBS shows, but
conservatives agree that funding is too expensive.

You have to give it to the Republicans for understanding that image triumphs over truth.  Liberals need to get off their moral high horse and play the same game.  If they don't, they will have at least four years to repent.  There was a time in America when public prevarication was looked at negatively, but that time is long past.  The only shame now is in losing.  On a positive note, you still have the Vice Presidential debate to look forward to, which promises to be the hoof-stomping, antler grinding symbolic thrust for power that America is longing for. Order in some pizzas and enjoy that one.  This election will be decided by people who, after being bombarded with candidate information for two years, still cannot make up their minds.  A scary proposition, I grant you.  But the fight to win their vote has no ethical boundaries.  That's even scarier.

Now before you start sending your flaming e-mails,  just because I mentioned that Hitler was an elected official, I am not suggesting that Mitt or the Republicans are Nazis.  At least not yet.  I am merely pointing out that they know how to capitalize on ignorance and fear, and may have employed people who know how to create both.  Liberals need to counter that, and they have just about a month to figure out how to do it.  Good luck everyone.  I am hoping that you will conduct your political business a little more quietly, and let me enjoy this beautiful fall weather.

Big Bird will feel budget cuts personally.
Romney would rather cut funds to PBS than
increase taxes for the 1%.  The 'chicken in
every pot'  may be one you know.

Yours in the Spirit of Revolution, Emma X

Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma

Mitt Romney has changed his opinions, his policies
and even his skin color depending on who he is
talking to.  His understanding of the importance
of image over substance makes him feel truth
isn't always relevant or necessary.
Famous liberals who based their public
campaigns on truth.

The fruits of their efforts are greatly admired,
but in their lifetime it seemed that truth was
uncomfortably unpopular, if not overrated.

Responsible financial analysts agree that the Romney/Ryan financial plan closely
resembles a pile of steaming horse crap, but voters liked the way Mitt squared off
against Barack, and they thought he looked good in his expensive suit.

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