Saturday, October 20, 2012

In A Binder By Emma X

In A Binder
By Emma X

Emma X
Really? Three more weeks
of this?

When Mitt made his 'binder' comment the other day my feline curiosity got the better of me.  I just had to know if the Binder Full of Women actually exists.  My friend Mittens believes it does. Before I even asked he e-mailed photos of folders he found at the Romney residence. Mitt has been studying for the debates and there are preparation materials everywhere.  I am sharing Mittens' pictures with you.  If nothing else they are proof that Mitt is industrious in his efforts.

Mittens is  proud of Mitt's personal growth.  In the course of this campaign Mitt has met actual people of color, discovered that the middle class is the source of his personal wealth, and figured out that women have issues more than once a month.  He is certainly ready to be President now.   And if not, no worries.  If he gets into a bind, I'm sure someone will bring him a binder.  Probably a female under assistant making $.72 on the dollar.

My good friend Mittens
is the Romney's cat.  He loves
absurdity and is always willing
to participate in an adventure.

Mittens found this group in the basement of the Massachusetts house.
He believes that this is the 'Holy Grail' and that someone took
the time to recategorize the resumes into logical groups.   More than 40% of Governor Romney's appointed staff in Massachusetts were women, but when he left office there were fewer executive women than when he went in.  I guess those flex hours didn't work out so well.
Its the secret formula for Koch.
The RNC has spent considerable time and money
 to make sure that every campaign is on the same page.

Mitt seemed very far right in the early days, but
once he picked a Neo-conservative running mate to
appease the base he went stampeding toward centrist
votes.  It is a preconceived strategy that
appears to have worked well for him.

Mitt has discovered the Middle Class.
He is burning the midnight oil trying to figure out
how to effectively solicit their vote.

The Perfect Storm.
The Republicans needed a candidate that could
be quick on his feet.  Mitt has been training his
whole career to be that guy.  He represents a
significant turning point in the culture of

American politics.

Three ring binder or three ring circus?
Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney may have
read the same materials.

Bainsy found this one in the boy's room.
Not quite what we were looking for, but a
powerful metaphor non the less.

I'm sitting on a few binders myself.  
The plan is simple.
1. Figure out what's wrong
2. Figure out how to fix it
3. Self deport to Maine

I bet you humans are jealous now.

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