Saturday, August 10, 2013

Double, Double Toil and Trouble...
By Emma X

Emma X
Fewer Republican Debates?
Reince Priebus is afraid of Hillary Clinton.  She hasn't said she is running for President in 2016, in fact she says she is not, but Reince is still afraid of her.  And well he should be.  If she decides to run she will win.  If she decides not to run the candidate she campaigns for will win.  The prospect is giving poor Reince nightmares.  So he has sent letters to CNN and NBC crying foul over upcoming entertainment projects focused on Ms. Clinton, calling them nothing more than long playing free political ads.  Its not fair, claims Priebus, and we know how much the GOP respects a level playing field.

Reince Priebus leads by example, keeping
politics at a third grade level.  In a letter to
Comcast VP David Cohen (NBC Universal's)
parent company) Priebus said, "Your company
has expressly stated that your choice to air the
(Clinton) miniseries in the near future would
avoid concerns of running afoul of equal time
election laws.  This suggests a deliberate
attempt at influencing American opinion in
favor of a preferred candidate, not to mention
a guilty conscience."  Priebus will undoubtedly
make his case repeatedly on Fox News, the
Conservative propaganda machine designed to
influence American opinion in favor of preferred
Let's forget for a moment that Hillary Clinton has credentials, world-wide political influence, an excellent relationship with the office incumbent, a good relationship with the Liberals in Congress, and a political team that can move and shake across demographic barriers.  Evidently bringing that to light causes undue influence with voters. The real problem is that the GOP doesn't have a candidate to match her, or any other possible hopeful that the Democrats may put forward. You might think that a field of weak candidates could be blamed on the GOP for lack of preparation and foresight.  But Reince is crying unfair to the so-called Liberal media.  He has to.  If there is no scapegoat, the Republican Party may just question its leadership. And if they lose, they most certainly will blame Reince, as soon as they figure out how to correctly pronounce his name.

"...and eye of Newt Gingrich..."
Hillary Clinton is the evil witch that
haunts Reince Priebus' dreams.  If she
casts her political spell, the GOP will
fall to ruin.  Her dark magic is abetted
by a 'blaspheming jew" in Hellscape
Hollywood, although Reince stopped
short of saying it that way.  His own
Growth and Opportunity Project told
him not to.
So Priebus has to stop this Hillary momentum, and like a typical third grader, he is threatening to take his political football and go home.  The GOP will not allow their Presidential hopefuls to participate in debates on CNN or NBC if those networks insist on continuing with their Clinton projects.

Thank God.  What good news.  That's a win/win for both Reince and the viewing public, although he probably doesn't see it that way.  Just a few painful recollections of the twenty odd Republican debates in 2012 should cause you to leap for joy at this news. Unless, of course, you have a hostile fear of truth.  Reince doesn't understand that NOT presenting the Republican Party Platform as interpreted by the Tea Party will take his candidates much farther down the road to 2016 victory.  That is until the successful nominee meets up with Hillary.  Or someone like her. Someone that is qualified and has their political organization positioned to win.

Hillary's evil minions in Hollywood are hell bent on
deluding and destroying innocent voters who would otherwise
vote Republican.  The lack of informative Republican debate
will lead us all to the slaughter.  If true, Liberal Hollywood
will end up beating the GOP at their own media game.
There are some possible strong candidates in the GOP Big Tent, but the Tea Party has spent the past few years demonizing them and hurling feces at their political centrism from their fetid monkey cage in Congress.  Honest, Reince, I don't know if you realize it, but you have hit upon the best possible solution for these trying times; keep that cage covered until the last possible moment.  If you can convince your party and the world that this is a big boy power play at the same time, more power to you.  If we don't have to listen to 24/7 of Bubble Bullsh*t for two years, we the people will heartily thank you.

I have to admit that I do not understand the economic impact of the denial of Republican debate on these networks, nor did I look it up. CNN proved in 2012 that they could not deliver a hardball question to any political candidate of either party, lest they offend.  So I guess that proves that debate ratings are important.  They have left the field of journalism to compete for viewership with the Sons of Goebbels over at FOX anyway.  Being bullied by Priebus is the least of the punishments they deserve.  How they will handle this is their business, literally.  But I doubt they will knuckle under.  This appears to be the first in what will be a series of political grandstands designed to cause the public to believe that the GOP is forced to contend in a politically polluted environment fouled by prejudice.  Who knows, some people may come to believe it.  But the truth is, when you examine the bubbling cauldron of journalistic adventurism, it's clear where the malevolent smell is coming from.

Matt Moore
"I say, 'not in South Carolina!'
to debates produced by networks
that act more like Hillary Clinton's
campaign team than unbiased
news sources.  Such political
favoritism has no place in
American journalism.  Its
unacceptable..."  Matt is one of
those rare Southern Amish Repub-

licans that have never seen or
heard of FOX News.

South Carolina, the first State to secede during the War of Northern Oppression, was also the first State to back up the Priebus plan.  Matt Moore, South Carolina's new Republican Party Chairman says that he will not allow CNN or NBC to broadcast debates of GOP Presidential candidates in his State if they air programs on Hillary Clinton.  Be careful, folks.  As South Carolina goes, so goes the Confederacy.  BTW, the News Divisions of CNN and NBC have absolutely nothing to do with the programming in question.

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