Saturday, August 31, 2013

Awkwardness and Hubris
By Emma X

Emma X
Gentlemen, mom said
it best; no one wants
to see that.  Keep it
in your pants.
Today Bob Filner left public office.  Right up to the end I don't think he understood why.  His resignation speech was contrite, but it really was just a long complaint about how he had been railroaded out of his Mayoralship.  Bob doesn't get it.

Looks like a Grouper, acts like a groper.
In his apology, Bob Filner said that his physical attentions
were meant as flattery, but were misinterpreted due to his
"awkwardness and hubris".  Women don't misinterpret a
grope, Bob.  If you can feel that grab through three layers
of clothing and torso-length Spanx, you understand the
intent.  Hubris, yes.  Awkwardness?  Well not for lack of
trying.  I will credit you though for not discriminating as
to the age, race, or even mobility of your victims.  There's
a frustrated Feminist in there somewhere.
Anthony Weiner continues in his bid for Mayor of the City of New York despite his steady decline in the polls.  The insistence of community leaders, members of his own political party, and angry screaming citizens on the street cannot deter him from his path to destiny.  Anthony thinks voters will see him as a determined leader that will not quit.  We actually see him as a perv.  Anthony does not get it.

The mystery is why these men, and others like them in positions of authority just can't see the forest for the turgid tree.  If you or I had an angry mob outside our door screaming for us to cease and desist, we might pause and take stock.  But inevitably men driven by power lust just double-down.  I don't get it.

In the political world you can buy anything
but common sense.  Fool me once, shame on you.
Continue to put your sexy selfies on Twitter?  End up
doing political commentary on the new Al Jazeera

Today's news is that Anthony Weiner has been paying actors $15. an hour to show up at his events and feign support for his candidacy. Really?  How sad is that?  And how short-sighted.  For $17.50 he could have had them carry signs supporting photogenic Mr. Happy as well. But for real money, he could have hired some true professionals, like Eliot Spitzer did.  Pretending to be excited is their forte.  And they would happily take care of that other need also.

Former NY State Attorney General
Eliot Spitzer seemed poised to overcome his
public sexual indiscretions, but recent polls show
he has lost a 19% lead over his opponent.  This
after a failed career in in Punditry, and a failed
marriage.  If his bid for Comptroller is unsuccess-
ful, look for Eliot on future episodes of "Dancing
With the Stars".
It is clear that men like Anthony,  Bob and Eliot view their 'hobby' as separate from their career, and they want you to do the same. They don't understand the eeeew factor. They don't understand the negative response of the women they victimize.  In their psycho-sexual Conan the Barbarian power fantasy, women are always very receptive to them.  Go figure.

The most recent Quinnipiac Poll graphically shows
the continued deflation of Weiner's initial buoyancy.
We should also pity current NYC Comptroller John Liu,
  who is not able to make a showing larger than Weiner's,
thus unfortunately reinforcing a cultural stereotype.
Anyway, metropolitan voters are really being put to the test this political season.  Maybe voting results will provide future candidates with some teachable clarity. Sadly, history tells us they probably won't.

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend.  Soak in the last happy vestiges of summer.  Maybe I'll enjoy a big juicy hot dog.  I have a sudden craving.

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