Saturday, August 25, 2012

A FUX News Special Report
On Science, Religion and
the 2012 Election.
Accepting the Consequences
A Special Report 
by Cat Robertson for FUX News

Cat Robertson, Televangelist
and expert women's health issues.
This week Missouri Representative Todd Akin was crucified in the press for explaining that rape is not rape if a woman really wants it, and the proof is in the pregnancy.  FUX News asked me to comment on the biblical science perspective and resolve this 'tempest in a temptress tea pot' once and for all.
Todd Akin is an alum of
Worchester Polytechnic
Institute and the Covenant
Theological Seminary.  He
is a righteous man of God
who's career has been
forcibly raped by the
 liberal media.

First let me say that Representative Akin is an upstanding Christian man doing God's work in Washington.  He is eminently qualified to comment on matters of science, or else why would he be a member of the House Science Committee?  Really folks, we have to start using our heads about this kind of thing.  The liberal media and activist women's rights groups (a.k.a. lesbians) wait in the shadows ready to pounce on vulnerable Christian public servants like Todd Akin.  When they see a chance they forcibly thrust their ungodly propaganda sword into an opportunistic political opening, causing pain and emotional distress to the realm of righteousness, and they deposit a potent seed of doubt in the minds of a confused electorate.  Months later this doubt bears liberal fruit in the 2012 election.  It is a cruel act with far-reaching repercussions, and Todd Akin is its victim.
Because females are naturally sinful and
inferior creatures, God has challenged strong
spiritual men like Mike Huckabee to make
appropriate decisions about their bodies.

The opinions that Rep. Akin espoused are not new among God-fearing public servants.  There are many, many conservatives on record stating the same thing. Fay Boozman, an Arkansas Republican State Senator, said two decades ago that 'fear induced hormone changes could block a rape victim's ability to conceive'.  Mr. Boozman was a man of science, an Opthomologist, who could look in the eyes of alleged rape victims and see their deception.  Boozman's good friend Mike Huckabee said on his radio show Thursday that 'extraordinary' people can come from forcible rape.  "Ethel Waters, for example, was the result of forcible rape,"  he said.  These great men whom we repeatedly elect to office are right to question the wholly negative image that our godless culture has given to rape, and quite frankly, a flagging music industry should also take note.  So why then, if others state the same truths, should Todd Akin be singled out?  Because it is an election year and Obamacare pays out big money for women to terminate pregnancies. The liberals don't want that to change.  It is horrible, but true.
The Devil told a promiscuous
Eve that she could be more
than a vessel, and Paradise
was lost.  The only evolutionary
process described in the Bible
is the steady decline of female
morality leading directly to the
establishment of Planned
Parenthood and NOW.

So now that we have established what the real motive is here, lets look at the actual science.  While Rep. Akin was correct in his assertion that 'forcible rape' will not usually result in pregnancy, he was unfortunately mistaken about the details.  The Bible tells us throughout that women are weak inferior creatures that should not be trusted.  Let's face it, if Eve had not consorted with The Devil, the world would not be in the mess it is in now.  There are many examples throughout the Great Book explaining why women are inferior and untrustworthy, but in the interest of time, let me just say that God doesn't feel that women should be in charge of anything, even their own bodies.  Having established that, you will understand that it cannot be the woman's body who halts the pregnancy process. That is a decision made by the male's sperm.

Sperm are not antisocial or aggressive.
If a pregnancy is created as a result of any
 sexual encounter, legitimate or otherwise,
it is because the Ovum 'really wanted it'.
Sperm are an integral part of
God's greater plan for humanity.
They are polite, happy creatures
who would not enter an Ovum
 unless invited in.
Sperm are perfect creatures of God's creation who do his bidding.  When God needs a soul to be born on earth he directs the sperm to proceed with their singular mission.  If sinful humans are engaging in wanton sex he does not interfere with the outcome, as he has granted us free will. But if the female party truly does not agree to the encounter, then God protects her by not allowing the sperm to merge with her Ovum. In those cases where pregnancy results from an alleged rape, you can be sure that the rape was not legitimate because the female secretly enjoyed the encounter.  It is that simple.  The reverse is also true, by the way.  A woman who wants children and cannot conceive must not be right with God, and Christian men whose wives are barren should be very suspicious of the spiritual status of their spouse. 

The multi-talented Ethel Waters
had a beautiful singing voice which
she used to glorify God, but her
mother had wanton slutty eggs.
Although this is a simplistic description of God's reproductive plan, the bottom line is this; women do have a choice in the reproductive process.  They can choose to be righteous, or they can choose to be sluts.  And now that the science involved is clear, the results of that choice cannot and should not be blamed on men.

In fact, women need to wake up and recognize God's plan for them has not changed since they screwed up the whole of human history in The Garden.  God gave man dominion over all the creatures in his realm; birds, goats, asses, cattle and women.  This is because God knew that his first creation was the one that was rational and least susceptible to temptation.  And here in the end times it appears that some legal husbandry is necessary to keep God's reproductive plan intact.  That is why he places good men with keen understanding like Todd Akin in powerful positions where they can pass legislation to defend against a growing onslaught of sex-crazed females run amok.  Women must accept the consequences of that mega screw-up way back in Eden, and give reproductive control back to men.  In this election year, issues like the economy hold the interest of the electorate.  Thank God for politicians like Todd Akin, who remind us that men with conviction are also on the ballot.  There are many of them out there, running in local, state and national elections.  Be sure to look for them when you vote in November.  God may allow us back in The Garden if we promise to put a lock on the gate and keep the wandering chattel under control.

Rep. Lisa Brown, Dem. from Michigan.
New generations of liberal women are imposing
their promiscuous agendas on politics.  Ms.
Brown was recently censured for using the
foul word 'vagina' during an anti-abortion
debate on the house floor in Lansing.  After
she did, the traumatized men of the State
Congress could think of nothing else all day.

Virtuous Christian women should
never use the term 'vagina'.  It is
a Latin term used by atheist
scientists.  Latin was the language
used by Romans.  The Romans
killed Jesus.  Need I say more?
A Christian woman who wants to
avoid sin should never refer to
her private parts in public.  In
unusual circumstances, as in
consultation with a licensed birth
control- hating physician, she
should use the term 'my evil sin
 space' once only, and then blush

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