Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Pick of the Litter
By  Emma X

Emma X
Even I think dogs are better
than some people.
Why was I ever concerned about the loss of crazy Michele Bachmann, when Steve King is in the political world?  Tea Party bigotry and ignorance still hold sway in The House, where Representative King continues to pollute legislation designed to appeal to Latino voters.    His racist, anti-immigrant views are at the forefront of proposed legislation this week.  The Representative from Iowa managed to get two poison pills introduced into pending bills;  one to negate attempts to curb animal cruelty, the other to end the American Dream for children of illegals.  Another productive week for a man who serves Jesus.

Rep. Steve King of Iowa says that his 'pick of the litter'
comments were complimentary.  "People that can take a
compliment and turn it into an insult are not going to be
constructive working across the aisle."  Democrats are
purposefully misinterpreting his motives, particularly in
light of his humane stance on animal rights.
The irony is that both issues, animal rights and illegal status, are sort of the same for Steve.  He has publicly compared illegal immigrants to dogs, and failed to see the hatred in the metaphor.  "U.S. immigration law should only allow the 'best' immigrants into the country," says Steve, "similar to the way dog buyers would chose the 'pick of the litter'."  It is clear to anyone who examines Mr. King's illustrious legislative career that he much prefers European breeds to the Central American variety.

Mongrels are violating our borders.  Representative King
is working tirelessly to save this country for purebred
Americans.  When asked if the U.S. economy could function
without the presence of illegal immigrants, he responded that
the 77.5 million people between the ages of 15 and 65 who are
not currently part of the U.S. work force "could be put to work,
and we could invent machines to do the rest".

In January, King re-introduced his 'anchor babies' legislation, proposing the removal of citizenship of children born in America to illegal immigrant parents (co-sponsor of the bill was friend of the blog Louie Gohmert of Texas).  Forget that people born on American soil are American citizens according to the Constitution.  Steve says they must be hunted down like dogs and deported.  He rejects criticism like a hound rolling in dirt to get pesky flys off his back, and why shouldn't he?  No one is stopping him.  His amendments are being approved.  His peers continue without fail to toss him a bone every time he barks.

Mr. King went so far as to design a model border
fence to present to Congress.  It can be electrified if needed;
not to the degree that it would kill someone, but it would act
as a deterrent.  He knows it will work, he says, because "we
do that with dogs".

It's not like the current proposed legislation is strong.  It's sole purpose is to try to get Latino voters to view the Republican Party favorably. Everyone knows their heart is not in it, and like-minded conservatives have already watered it down to the point of absurdity, introducing border protection requirements that would be impossible to achieve. Steve King seems to want to further rub our noses in it, and his fellow legislators won't make it a dog fight.

Senator Lindsay Graham stepped in a big pile of dog
duty on Sunday by suggesting that the Republican Party
is facing a "demographic death spiral" that can only be
stopped by comprehensive immigration reform.  Tea
Party Republicans rubbed his nose in it.  King has said
that "members of Congress that vote for a guest worker
plan...will be supporting an amnesty plan and they should be
branded with a scarlet letter 'A' and pay for that amnesty in
the ballot box in November'.

Recently the College Republican National Committee published the results of an extensive poll conducted to determine how young Latino voters feel about the Republican Party.  It was titled, "Grand Old Party for a Brand New Generation".  The bottom Line?  Latino voters tend to think that the GOP could not care less about them.  Words associated with the GOP were "close-minded, racist, rigid and old fashioned".  So, Reince, don't spend more millions to find out why.  Just take a good look at Steve King.  He's your top dog in the fight.

Latino youth are learning that 'A' is for Appeasement'.
Legal or not, their first life lesson is about their value to
America.  'B' is for Border, 'C' is for Control, and 'D' is
 for Dog.

Rep. King is equally vocal on
 cruelty legislation:
"We've crossed a moral line" by
"elevating animals up to that of humans."
"There's something wrong with" outlawing
dog fighting when 'people fighting' is illegal.
Mr. King claims that he "has broken up more
dog fights than he has started".  Perhaps
that's because his fellow conservatives are
weak bitches.

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