Saturday, April 20, 2013

Inherit The Wind
By Nebu Ganesh

Nebu Ganesh, PhD.
"The blossom cannot tell what becomes of its
odor; and no man can tell what becomes of his
-- Henry Ward Beecher
As jaded as I am about the Republican Party I am beginning to feel sorry for Reince Preibus.  The RNC spent God knows how much money on the Growth and Opportunity Project, and instead of doing what it was supposed to do, it seems to have triggered a sort of stress-induced malordorous release among the party faithful.  Racial slurs and bigoted epithets are backfiring out of old school republicans at a rate not seen since the tense days preceding the Presidential election.  Not exactly the liberating delivery the RNC anticipated.

A controversial conservative crowd-splitter
for sure, but understanding your audience and designing
 materials that meet their specific need is the key to
effective training and communication, and is essential
for eliminating unwanted  miasmic political by-products.
I think Reince and the boys are too subtle.  They should simply put out a statement that says that times have changed and the Southern Strategy just won't work anymore.  And maybe they could produce a few workbooks listing words and phrases that are not acceptable to use in public, particularly when pooted by elected officials.  How about a workshop that teaches politicians of a certain age how to recognize when cameras and microphones are in the room?  Maybe an explanation of how that new- fangled system of pipes and tubes called the Internet blasts wind instantaneously around cyberspace.   You know, practical tools that would help the faithful know when not to discharge their race-biased methane in public. Simple solutions that could potentially clear the air.

BREAKING NEWS:  The failure of Republican attempts
to prevent spontaneous party combustion is becoming
thunderously obvious.
Actually, I prefer the old school form of bias, where the truth just suddenly spews forth like a sudden release of awkward flatulence.  It's uncomfortable for everyone in the room, but a relief for the politician who had no idea how to deal with the backup, and everyone knows what's what.  Its the younger generation of ultra conservatives whose fulsomeness is silent but deadly.  They know the words and phrases they should not expel.  Their prejudice comes through their message, which is usually a distorted argument that sounds plausible, but which contains an uncorked symphony of bigotry in its bowels.

Cheesin' Cracker.  Rand Paul went to Howard University
to explain to young black people that they are the political
heirs of an abolitionist Republican Party.  Of course that
is not true, but Paul evidently thought that intelligent black
students would not understand their own cultural legacy.
Most pundits feel he is passing a ripple that he may run
for President in 2016, and that his two recent visits to
black colleges were a political stunt that left an odorous
fizzle for sensitive minority noses.
The current generation of charismatic Neo-cons have embraced the systemic racism passed on by their political fathers.  Its invisible on the surface but much more potent in its unexpected delivery.  But the voting population is quickly catching on.  How could they not, when free-floating gaseous particles of parp prejudice are bombarding their airways?  Forget your Growth and Opportunity Inclusion Council, Reince. You need to produce a simple tool that will kill barking spiders.

Pull my finger.
Jim Gile is the old poop who
recently went on record with the
term 'n*gger rigging'.  The Saline
County Kansas official apologized
and said he was not racist because
he had helped build habitat homes
for 'colored' people.  Jim didn't
expect the angry back blast from
his inadvertent brain fart.
Just calling your name.
Republican Congressman Don Young of Alaska
experienced an unexpected wet backside with his 'wetback'
plotcher.  He claims that back in the day the adjective was not
derogatory.  The term 'wetback' first appeared in The New
 York Times in 1924, and in 1954 the U.S. Government named
 a mass deportation of Mexican nationals 'Operation Wetback'.
Don Young dragged this squeaker into the 21st century.  He
said that he meant no disrespect when he was not able to blame
his racist lingerer on the dog.

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