Saturday, March 16, 2013

Malice in Wonderland
by Emma X

Emma X
"Why is a Raven like a writing desk?
I haven't the slightest idea!"
We live in strange political times, and they just get curiouser and curiouser.  We have had the Debt Ceiling exploit and the Sequester Deadline adventure, and now into this Wonderland of fantazmagorical political enterprise comes the Charm Offensive, a first rate oxymoron if ever there was one.  Politicians who do not like each other and who have reached a clear point of impasse are breaking bread on the taxpayer dime to try to win a PR war about who is the most (or least) cooperative in a nonsensical game that they themselves created.  Meanwhile the nation and the world watch our reputation for compromise and fair play go down the proverbial rabbit hole.

A very merry un-birthday to you!
There is nothing to celebrate, but now Republicans must
act like there is, because they asked for the party
It's an old lesson, but one the Republicans need to relearn; be careful what you ask for.  President Obama is busy wining and dining the opposition to dispel their negative portrayal that he is a no show in the debate on the national debt, and further more, is downright rude and insensitive.  He may well be, but a large part of knowing how to lead is knowing how to phrase a question.  Republicans have not successfully put him on the defensive. They went to the media and whined like school girls that he would not sit down with them to discuss their issues.  Well if that's been the problem all along, that is certainly something he can correct.  And he has.  Now what are conservatives going to say?  He sat down with us and we still can't work it out? Brillig!

Mad as a March Hare.
Paul Ryan brought along the same
budget proposal he put forth in the election.
It assumes that Obamacare is repealed, and
seniors use a voucher system for health care.
When asked, he says that it is obvious to
everyone that Obamacare must go, so why
plan otherwise?  He is Chairman of the House
Budget Committee.  Do you suppose that when
Lewis Carroll conceived of the 'Mad Tea Party'
he was precognitive? 

Why so cynical, you ask?  At long last government leaders are sitting down and talking. That has to lead to something positive.  Well I hope so.  But so far they are just gritting their teeth.  The kindest compliment and the most positive feedback anyone has offered is that Mr. Obama is a good host, and perhaps something can happen in the future. What they have brought to the table are the same stubborn positions both sides have touted for years. Isn't repeating an action in the hope of a different outcome the very definition of madness?
Dormouse logic in Wonderland.
A quote from John Boehner  following his
meeting with President Obama:
"Republicans want to balance the budget.
The President doesn't.
Republicans want to solve our long term
debt problem.
The President doesn't.
We want to unlock our long term energy
resources, put more Americans back to work.
The President doesn't.
But having said that, today was a good start."

The Tea Party faction is bringing along the same mousetraps, memory and muchness conversation they bring to every gathering.  When they talk about compromise, they are describing what the opposition needs to do.  For them Tea Time stands still, just as it does in the Lewis Carroll tale. Party goers may change seats, but nobody changes policy.  Revelers have circled the table many times, and no no one has a clean place.  It is most unpalatable. 

The Tea Party Vision Of Wonderland
One might as well say, 'I believe what I legislate' to be the
same as 'I legislate what I believe'.
Of course, logic in Wonderland is not quite what we perceive it to be in our world.  Maybe Washington needs to come together in a fantasy realm not restricted by inevitability to envision a new kind of prosperity.  Or perhaps, like Alice, they will leave in disgust, saying that this is the stupidest tea party they have ever been to. 

"I think you might do something better with the time,"
said Alice, "than waste it in asking riddles that have no answers."


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