Saturday, January 26, 2013

Coming Out Party
by Emma X

Emma X
Not the center of anything.
I now have to reevaluate everything.  I am usually a good judge of human character and purpose, but I admit I thought Barack Obama was a centrist Democrat.  Foolish me.  His second inaugural address was the loudest public coming out speech I have heard, and trust me, I have witnessed a few hum dingers down in The Village.  Hear it loud and proud people, Barack Obama is a Liberal with a capital 'L'.  

A colorful President Obama has emerged from a
cocooned first term.  He used his second inaugural address to
create a 'new normal' conversation, making even main stream

 Republicans look like extremists.
The left-wing Democrats that lamented his first term inactivity were right.  He was not keeping faith with them.  The right-wing paranoids that warned to be wary were right too. He is coming after your guns.   He will not only keep Medicare and Social Security, he will expand them.  He intends to help immigrants.  He spoke of Climate Change as if it were real.  He said gay people were our brothers and sisters and deserved the same rights every American enjoys.  Friends, you don't get more Liberal than that.

Big Bang Theory
It's possible that Mrs. Obama will also emerge
as a Liberal First Lady.  Already admired as a
fashion icon, her new causes may be expressed
in subtle ways.  It's just a theory, but I think
those big bangs represent her own coming out.

It makes me wonder what else was in that first term closet. The right wing, invigorated by a world-class  'I told you so' moment will want to rifle through that closet again too. Rush Limbaugh will insist that the original Kenyan birth certificate is in there along with his current Al Qaeda membership card. I mean, he's going to fix interstate highways and railroads? That's giving temporary government jobs to takers and parasites.  Highly profitable conservative talk outlets are
An openly Liberal President Obama will
guarantee Rush Limbaugh record audiences.  Angry
white men can look forward to an exciting four year
hate fest.

A significant Liberal coming out party allows proponents of ultra conservative philosophies to also publicly kick open the their own closet door, freeing unpopular rhetoric that the mainstream Republican party has made effort to tamp down.  Pat Buchanan immediately expressed his disgust at the President including Stonewall demonstrations in a list of significant civil rights protests, characterizing the whole event as a simple 'bar riot'.  I suppose history will also show us that the Boston Tea Party was just a college kegger that got out of hand, and that Seneca Falls was a gaggle of hormonal women whose periods were in sync.  Get ready for more revisionist rhetoric.  The party is on.

It is clear that Bipartisanship is a vessel that has sailed.   Mr. Obama is looking beyond Washington politics for the support of the American people.  In a political environment where legal gridlock is the new normal and special interests control the conservative candidacy process, he may have no choice but to pursue what he feels is the moral and ethical course and err on the right side of history.  The rest of us can watch with amusement.  All the poisons will boil out of the mud.  Everyone is coming out for this party.

To be fair to Pat Buchanan, he has never actually been in the
closet.  These are comments he made on the G. Gordon Liddy
show on 11/7/2012 following President Obama's re-election.  I think that Arab
Muslims developed Algebra based on math developed by the Babylonians,
 Egyptians and Chinese may have had something to do with inventing paper,
and perhaps a few brown skinned people made it up Mt. Everest before a
white man arrived, but what is truth compared with the overall assertion that white
men rule.  I look forward to Mr. Buchanan explaining which Obama policies
 stem from his superior white half.  Can he 'physically' understand half of what made
America great?  If White America died, why is this man still talking?  It's all so
confusing for a poor little kitty like me.

Selma, Seneca Falls, Stonewall.
No mention of feline rights.
The Maine Coon Revolution goes on.

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