Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Season of Thanks
by Emma X
Emma X
Exceedingly Grateful

Feline friends, I am very happy to be in communication with you once again.  We had an event here on Long Island called 'Sandy' that took out communications for a short time.  But most things are back to normal now, and in future weeks I will be here sharing my sage wisdom and pithy political commentary designed to bring about a new feline world order.

A good leader  learns from crisis situations, and I freely admit that my plans for our exodus to Maine did not account for natural disasters like Sandy.  Now that we are back in touch the Revolutionary Council will begin immediately to modify environmental preparations.  It was very cold after the storm.  Very cold indeed.  I can personally assure you that when you arrive in Maine you will find an ample supply of cozy comforters.  I found that cozy comforters are essential.  And we will be looking into building underground bunkers.  At least enough to initially house the Revolutionary Council.
In addition to basic weaponry and MREs,
MCR freedom fighters will now be supplied
with warm, cozy comforters.

I will also admit that the storm challenged my well-honed cynicism about humans.  Human response after the storm was heart-warming.  I cannot express enough thanks to the first responders, volunteers and working teams who came from near and far to help, sacrificing their own comfort and safety to provide much needed assistance.  And I am also grateful for friends, neighbors and local business people who did all they could to improve the circumstances of daily life in those first uncomfortable days.
Our heroes came from as far away as Tyler, Texas.
They left two days before the storm hit and drove
straight through to Long Island.  They were a
beautiful sight to behold the day after the storm.

Human volunteers continue to rescue animals left in the wake of the storm.  Various organizations are still working to trap distressed pets and get them to shelters.  Organizations like the North Shore Animal League do not euthanize animals and seek to reunite them with their owners. Where they cannot accomplish that, they put the animals up for adoption.  Natural disasters like Sandy stretch shelter organizations in terms of resources and dollars. Feline-loving humans can continue to make a difference by supporting these organizations financially.
If a tree didn't fall on your house this month, show
your gratitude and send a dollar or two to the disaster
response organization of your choice.  You never
know when you might need them to be there for you.

So this Thanksgiving I have been made well aware of all I have to be thankful for.  I wish my same blessings on you; light and heat and a warm place to sleep, a solid roof over your head, a fresh-cooked meal, and a renewed conversation with folks that love you.  Enjoy your wonderful day and we'll talk again soon.
Remember to be kind.  Cats
love, love, love leftover turkey,
especially pets that have had
a rough couple of weeks.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Yours in the True Spirit of Revolution,
Emma X

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