Thursday, July 26, 2012

Deep Penetration
By Cat Robertson

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Cat Robertson, noted TV evangelist
 and founder of various conservative
activist organizations.  He knows an
 insidious plot when he sees one, 
and he sees them everywhere.
We live in the end times, my friends, and the proof is everywhere.  Before the 'lion lays down with the lamb' it seems we will have to endure a planet ravaged by revolt against God, including a feline revolution against the government Jesus himself ordained, and an insidious threat by freedom-hating Muslims bent on forcing us all to wear Ralph Lauren burkas made in China by godless heathens working stolen American jobs.  It is evil, it is despicable, and it is happening now.

There is a 'Stealth Jihad' being perpetrated by Muslims inside this country, an Islamic Fifth Column intent on infiltrating the U.S. Government at high levels.  Their ultimate goal?  To change our government from 'of the people by the people for the people' to Sharia Law.  You needn't look further than the current occupant of the White House to know that this nation is in serious trouble.
Perhaps Obama cannot produce a genuine
birth certificate because he was never born
at all.  Maybe he sprang directly from the
head of his father, the Kenyan Muslim Satan,
to facilitate his evil plan to bring down our
Christian way of life.  It's a a theory gaining
popularity at CPAC, and one worth looking
There are few people in the U.S. Government that understand this, and their number is dwindling.  I myself am a voice crying in the wilderness, at 8 a.m., 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. daily (check your local cable listings).  But despite my best efforts, and those of a handful of true patriots, America continues on its carbohydrate-laden, Red Bull fueled, anti-corporate duck waddle to hell.

 Marcus Bachmann works tirelessly to cure gay  men 
sucked in by the swell of infiltrating anti-Christian 
propaganda probes.  The horrors of deep penetration 
are no stranger to him.
Courageous Michele
Bachmann.  She hears
voices of change and tells
 us what to be afraid of.
It takes real courage these days to make a stand against Satanic influence in Washington.  Brave truth-tellers are met with almost violent rhetorical opposition. One Christian martyr to the truth is Michele Bachmann, proud Representative of the 6th District of Minnesota.  I first met Representative Bachmann through her husband Marcus, when we worked together to obtain government funding for the Felines Against Tyranny/ F.A.T.Chance initiative to provide voluntary castration for 'gay' cats.  Ms. Bachmann obtained that funding, and expanded the program to include the production of children's book explaining in simple terms the threat of President Obama's policy of Middle East appeasement.  The 'Where's Wasim?' book series will be in Christian book stores in late August.

John McCain launched these shameful comments
against true Americans who stood up for truth.
Fortunately he never imparted this message to his
 2008 Presidential running mate, who continues
 to spread God's political message without apology.
Early in our relationship I realized that Ms. Bachmann had a firm grasp on the reality of the Islamic threat to the U.S. government.  I admired her fortitude when she recently stated publicly that America has experienced 'deep penetration' by the Muslim Brotherhood and other anti-American Islamic organizations bent on our destruction.  But her brave statements were immediately met with criticism, even from members of her own Republican Party, who rudely suggested that chauvinism and xenophobia rendered her unable to identify 'deep' exposure, or even indecent exposure, for that matter.  These suggestions are at best unfounded. I can assure you friends, that Ms. Bachmann does not even know what those words mean.  To denigrate the character of this fine Christian woman is to aid and abet Satan in his vicious onslaught against Christian America and all it stands for.  Trust me America, liberals and pseudo-conservatives will rue the day they mocked Michele Bachmann.  God will rise up and takes his vengeance.  In fact, John McCain should avoid standing near active fault lines.

These great southern Christian patriots stood with
Michele Bachmann to alert America to impending doom.
 They don't believe that practicing Muslims can be patriotic.
 They also don't believe that the Civil War is over.
Christians must fight the war against evil on all fronts; the war against Christmas, the war against Easter, the war against evangelicals, the war against traditional marriage, the war against job creators, the war against free markets, the war against traditional values, the war against the right to bear arms, well, unfortunately I could just go on all day.  And I do at 8 a.m., 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. daily. (check your local cable listings).  Christian America is in trouble.  Contact your Congressman today and tell him that you believe that fascist socialist Muslim terrorists have infiltrated every American government institution and that something 
The liberal media and their RINO
 cohorts seek to denigrate a wholesome
American cultural icon by labeling the
exposure of anti-Christian terrorist
 elements in our government
'Neo-McCarthyism'.  Have they
no shame?
must be done about it immediately.  Send them the lists of your neighbors that attend those 'questionable' churches that cater to poor people and have gay social interactions.  And begin immediately to boycott socialist businesses.  Let this blind-leading-the-blind Congress know that you're on to them, and let liberal anti-Capitalist social revolution-coddling retailers  like 'Ben' and 'Jerry' know that Christ means business, and un-American activity means the lack of it!  Act now, America.  Stop deep penetration before the second coming!
The leftist conspiracy is working
with Islamic terrorists, using
seductive methods to confuse
and corrupt our youth.

Christian felines also face a serious threat
from evil duplicitous rodents who are
converting to Islam in records numbers.

Support fine Americans like Michele Bachmann and gently educate your children to the greatest threat for their future by purchasing the 'Where's Wasim?' book series, available August 29th through Christian retailers everywhere.  Here's an excerpt from book one, 'The End Of Civil Society As We Know It', recommended for children ages 2 through 8:

Where's Wasim?  He's infiltrated Congress!
Where's Wasim?  He's
infiltrated the Pentagon!

Where's Wasim?  He's partying at the White House!

Fighting stealth terrorism costs money.
Help save America from people who don't think or look like
me or you.  Send as much money as you can to Cat Robertson.
My dad talks to him every day, and he will know the best way
to use it.

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