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The Feline Foundation For Fundamental Spiritual Training Has Happy News For Your Soul

Editor's note:  As previously noted, the MCR is happy to take funding from any source, so we are pleased to bring you this important and timely information from our new friends at FFFFST and encourage you to use their course ware and fine products to improve your cosmic serenity.  The truth is, we thought they said 'Sears', not 'Seers', but their check did clear and we therefore assume your higher consciousness will also. --X  

Mopsus III
 the Grand High Fufa of FFFFST
will help you achieve the happiness and
serenity you desire.

Friends, what you perceive as reality is not real.  The body you live in is not real.  Your gender identification, even your species identification is not real.  You think you are unhappy due to external sources, but in fact there is no external or internal, only eternal.  Your environment is merely what your mind perceives it to be.  If you are not one with the Whole you are not whole with the One and then your one whole is fragmented into the ephemeral nothingness you call existence.  A fragmented existence causes a fragmented perception and places you on a roiling raft of raging cognitive dissonance that you interpret as your  'reality'.   The result is a cosmic sea sickness.  Do you wonder why you feel so bad every day?  It's because your soul wants to puke.  We at FFFFST can bring you the cosmic Pepto-Bismol you need to calm your seas of uncertainty and float your raft to the serene harbor of all-knowing oneness with creation.  And we can do it at a very reasonable price.

The Feline Foundation For Fundamental Spiritual Training is a cross species, cross gender, cross dressing organization that transcends universal boundaries of perception across multiple Multiverses.  Our cosmic mission is to help all of mammalian kind to recognize the Eternal within themselves and bring their special talents to the forefront.  This knowledge is the key to happiness and prosperity, and the unleashing of your particular other-wordly talents will take you to realms of happiness you never dreamed possible.  And you can begin this joyous adventure for a mere $59.95 on your credit card.

The Beginning by Mopsus III
is the most astounding book
you will ever read.  Be the first
in your realm of awareness to
claim an understanding of the
meaning of life.  $59.95

My book, The Beginning (And The Middle, And The End) provides the new initiate a step by step approach to understanding the meaning of the Multiverse, with an emphasis on what is manifest and what is potential.  Whether or not you choose to continue your spiritual path with our life altering course ware, The Beginning will explain the meaning of your existence to you in simple comprehensive language that will place your ectoplasmic feet on a path to enlightenment.

We feel that once you have come to Realization you will naturally want to continue along the continuum meant for you and you alone, which is the discovery of your cosmic purpose and the revelation of your spiritual talents.  The Feline Foundation For Fundamental Spiritual Training is made up of many diverse souls who have been called to instruct.  We are many, but we have come together as One (see chapter two, 'The Beginning').  Our faculty boasts some of the most talented Seers, Shamans, Oracles and Diviners on this or any other plane of existence.  Each offers books, DVDs and in some cases personalized instruction in the practice of cosmic crafts and the achievement of satisfying mystical experiences.

Meet our 2012 Faculty

Seeress of Per-Wadjet
Apogee of Haruspex (2005, 2007)

We are honored and pleased to have Manteis, Premier Seeress, on our faculty this year. Manteis will instruct second-degree initiates in the art of Divination and the achievement of Blessings and Empowerments.  If you wish to be an Interpreter of Omens there is no greater teacher in the near-brane quadrant.  More advanced pupils will appreciate her ground-breaking instruction in Attunements.  Her book 'The Unfolding of Beingness' is still considered a classic guide for anyone seeking to experience The Oneness.

Maharishi Waldo*Ozbongi

Waldo*Ozbongi may be the most talented prophet of our time, but he eschews all competitions and titles except for the honor of Maharishi.  He feels his spiritual mission is to re-examine all mystical techniques in light of the information revealed to him in his frequent catnip-fueled Seids.  The Maharishi lives as a hermit in a cave in an undisclosed location, but has graciously agreed to share the interpretations gained in his past ten years of solitude with qualified FFFFST students.  His spiritual teachings will cover the realms of Mystical Experiences and Achieving Altered States.  He has recently pondered the scrutinae of Crystal Interpretation and Spiritual Healing and may instruct in those areas also.  His sibylline syllabus is open-ended and free form, so inititiates should expect to see structured learning give way to a more 'touchy-feely' approach, including weeks of silent instruction.  "Language is separation, we come to experience the Oneness in silence".  Students are expected to provide their own catnip.  The Maharishi has been compiling his only writing effort 'Catnip and Cosmic Consciousness' for the past ten years, and welcomes student participation in the process.

Lady Fluffy Cottontail
The Paraclete of Spectrum Resonance

Ask anyone you meet in this realm or the next and they will all say the same thing; Lady Fluffy has no peer in the implementation of Vortexes for a vibrant mind, healthy body, social bliss and a better world in general.   Her classes and materials are available to everyone regardless of level of awareness.  Her best selling book 'The New Alphabet for World Peace' has sold millions of copies world wide.

     "We must replace the word 'violence' with the word 'violets'.
       When our inner cities are full of violets, the world will be
        beautiful indeed."  -- Lady Fluffy Cottontail, The New 
        Alphabet for World Peace.

Start your spiritual healing today with her Spectrum series of DVDs and awake to a better world tomorrow.

WARNING:  Vortexes must be engaged properly.  Improper use of Vortexes could result in a permanent rip in the space/time continuum.  At best you could have a seriously bad day.  Complete all training materials before engaging any Vortexes.  For more information go to

Lord High Suzerain Laocoon Flopsus
The Channeler of Drek

Lord Flopsus is famous for his dissertations on Prophesy in a New Age and also for his series of books on speaking with the dead.  Recently he has focused his energies on the Divination of Dream Symbolism through Interpretive Dance.  He is ready now to share his findings with advanced students only.  Graduates of his 'Shamanism On A Tight Budget' course work will be given first consideration for enrollment in this very space-limited class.

Friends, you are suddenly aware of a new course in the stream of life.  Don't let this chance pass you by; it could be millenia before your next opportunity presents itself!  Contact us today, by whatever physical, spiritual or metaphysical means presents itself.  Or view our website at  Check out our training aids and course ware and receive a spiritual blessing by clicking on our minor elemental spell circle.  And while you are there examine our huge selection of magical items.  We are proud to display the largest selection of powerful cantrips and thaumaturgy aids online.  Let me leave you now with today's cosmic crystal interpretation:

Today's truth isn't tomorrow's truth,
so use your credit card today
 Blessings be upon you.

Just Arrived:  New Spiritual Aids

The basics of
String Theory as
it relates to the
Metaphysical World,
presented in easy to
understand language.
String not included

Don't be fooled by
imitations.  This is an
Ankh with Oomph!
Just back in stock,
the Egyptian Lore 3000
will enhance your
mystical experiences
three fold.  Specify by
color, blood red or
ecru (shown)  $1,499.

Our most popular spell book back
with 15 new transfiguration spells.
Still a bargain at $19.95

The Multiverse has a purpose
for everyone.  At least that's
the theory.  Not too much
wasted at $5.99.  Also
available on DVD with
companion coloring book.


The Feline Foundation For Fundamental Spiritual Training is a subsidiary of Flopsus, Mopsus and Cottontail, Inc.
2012, All Rights Reserved.
Results are not guaranteed.  Tuition fees are not reimbursable. For more information visit The Search For Prophets online.

May The Blessings Of Gaea Be Upon You.

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